Buen Provecho

Poster design by Guillermo Perez and Roberto Ortiz. 

Poster design by Guillermo Perez and Roberto Ortiz. 


An omnibus film by Milton Noel Lazaro, Javi Sebastian, Andy Rivera, Matias Anaya, Aby Izquierdo, Jordan Vazcones, Chase Niesner, Roberto Ortiz, and Luis Hernandez. 

Produced as La Carcacha Collective at Art Division

Starring Maria Galicia, Dan McCleary, Betty Jaspeado, Eve Moreno, Marisol Rosas, Daniela Aramayo, Rocket Caleshu, Roberto Ortiz, Stephanie Ortega, and Daisy Lopez. 


People come, people go, paths cross and diverge. Buenos días, buenas noches, Buen Provecho presents interweaving vignettes of Angelinos moving through their city on one winter day.

Beginning with a chance encounter on a train, passing through Macarthur Park for an elote, and then up to Sunset Boulevard by bicycle, each scene stands alone and yet still gives life to the next.

When one character exits, another enters and our camera follows. We hope to weave together distinct characters and locations, creating a rich tapestry of Los Angeles, a city we know and love.

-La Carcacha Collective

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