Holy Week

Written and Directed by Charlotte Istel                                                             

With cinematography by Chase Alexander Niesner                                           

Edited by Chase Alexander Niesner and Charlotte Istel                                     

Produced by Emily Rappaport and Chase Alexander Niesner

The film is set in present day Brooklyn on Good Friday, which marks the day of Jesus’ crucifixion in the Christian tradition. Fourteen-year-old Ingrid fantasizes about her Methodist pastor, Ellen, as she works a shift at her deceased father’s meat shop in Windsor Terrace. Her godfather Leo, now the head butcher, gives her a ham for Easter that she’ll carry with her as she moves through city. She gets her braces off and then meets her mother Cynthia to shop for their upcoming Easter meal. Preoccupied and frazzled, Cynthia, whose new partner is a woman, doesn’t notice Ingrid’s brace-less smile, resulting in an aggressive tug of war between Ingrid and the cashier over the Easter ham. Ingrid and Cynthia then attend their church’s Good Friday service. There, Ingrid and her friend Lila sneak up to the organ loft where they make out as practice for Lila’s upcoming date with a boy. At the end of the congregation’s Passion play, Ingrid witnesses her mother’s unresolved grief for her husband, fueling her own emotional wrestle with the loss of her father.

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