!Play the Making of A Movie with Others! ~ An experimental filmmaking workshop at 2727 California Street

In the Summer of 2018 I facilitated an experimental filmmaking workshop at 2727 California Street in Berkeley, CA. Below you will find some notes on our process and inspiration.


In ~!Play the Making of A Movie with Others!~ we sought to explore elements of the cinema without relying too heavily on the technological apparatus, to perform together what exists in movies “before” the camera, in a double sense, as in both before the camera is born and also as in before the camera’s view.

What is the gaze, what is repetition, gesture and expression, what is fantasy and presence?

Without the weight of equipment and the requirement of mechanical expertise, we were free to learn the ways in which movies exist between people and everyday rhythms, in the push and pull of systems and gazes, in both the real and the imaginary, the visible and the invisible.

Our ultimate purpose, however, was to make a movie together and to screen it on our final night of the program. Over the course of the first three days we discussed shared texts and played with various performance and simple recording exercises. We envisioned characters, made masks and staged scenes of our own making. We listened to abductions in the dark, one from above and the other from below. And in the final three days we wrote, shot, edited and screened our movie - The World Is A Cup.

Chase Niesner